bybmg: Tuesday Talk: Review: Emjoi Micro Pedi

Tuesday Talk: Review: Emjoi Micro Pedi

I received this item free in exchange for review. Please see my disclosure statement.

Spring and summer is time to let my feet out and breathe! I wear sandals most days, but it's not always the prettiest sight, though, because I have calloused heels. I try to get a pedicure every so often, but that can get costly. I was excited to try out an item I could use at home to get ride of that hardened skin.

The Micro-Pedi is the ORIGINAL and leading pedicure tool on the market and the only tool of its kind to have the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of acceptance.

The Micro-Pedi takes two AA batteries. It's basically a little sander for your feet! The version I received came with one roller, but you can buy replacement rollers as needed.

Here is a before picture of my heel. You can see it's not terribly calloused, but it has some rough spots.

One thing I was glad about was that I read the directions. The Micro-Pedi is only to be used on dry skin, so you won't want to use it right after a shower or bath. Also, when using the Micro-Pedi, make sure to only touch it to the skin in 2-3 second increments. I spent maybe a few minutes on my heel at the most and got some great results.

Here's after. I can definitely see a big difference and my heel felt much smoother to the touch.

So, there ya have it! I was very please with the Micro-Pedi. You can purchase it at CVS, Bed, Bath and Beyond and (as well as other select retailers and high end catalogs) all feature the battery operated version which is number one in popularity. The simply packaged version with one roller is $29.95 and the spa-themed gift boxed version with two rollers is $39.95.

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