bybmg: High Five for Friday 6.5

High Five for Friday 6.5

Our first full week of summer is in the books! Here are some happenings!


I escaped to Target on Saturday my myself for an hour and came back with a few closet additions. This summer I'm vowing not to shy away from shorts. I found a pair of C9 running shorts and shirt on the sale rack. Though I don't intend to run much this summer, I do plan to walk quite a bit!  I also found these fun pom pom shorts. They're a little wild, but why not?


Russ got his Pinterest on and worked with a friend to make a cooler stand for our deck. Pretty fun, huh?


I mentioned on Wednesday that Russ and I celebrate 9 years of marriage this week. The big boys went to daycare at the end of the week last week, so we got to go out to lunch (with Calvin) two times! It was pretty fabulous.  On Friday we hit up a fun place called Zombie Burger and Drink Lab where we had some tasty burgers (mine had fried cheese curds and chicken fried bacon on it) and shakes.  I had pumpkin pie and Russ had Cinnamon Toast Crunch.


So, I tried out the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes that I've heard a lot of people talk about, and I have to say it works! The left eye is with, the right eye is without. Definitely a fun product!


One of my Summer To-Dos was to do one activity with the big boys each week. Wesley wasn't really in to what I had planned, but I found a set of fun Melissa and Doug superhero masks/cuffs on Amazon, and they were an awesome activity for Henry while Russ was at softball and I had all three boys on my own. (They also have a more girlie version, too.) 

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!


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