bybmg: High Five For Friday 6.19

High Five For Friday 6.19

Happy Friday! This week was a bit stressful starting my second grad class of the summer, but the events pictured here sure make it seem like a dreamy summer week!


Baby in a bow tie. Need I say more?


We'd taken Henry to Build-A-Bear for his birthday. We'd planned to take Wesley, but I just forgot... then Calvin was born. So, we went this past weekend. Henry brought his bear back to get an outfit and Wesley chose a Minion. 


If you missed hearing about this wonderful shirt earlier this week, head back and read about it. It's a lovely campaign with a great message and the tee is so comfy! We also have a giveaway going on over on Instagram!


We all walked to the local ice cream shoppe this week. It's a longer walk than from our old house, which is probably a good thing, but still manageable!


I broke out the swimsuit and we headed to one of Des Moines's parks that has a wading pool/splash pad and this awesome rocket ship slide! We packed a picnic lunch and it was just awesome. Calvin slept through it all and the big boys had a blast. Talk about the perfect summer morning!


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