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Fun with Junior Explorers

I received this product free for the purpose of review. The opinions are all my own. Please see my disclosure statement.

Junior Explorers is monthly subscription box. I is geared toward children ages 5-12. Each month, your child gets a package with a mission to learn about places around the world.  It combines science, collecting items, and online games. I received a kit about the Great Barrier Reef. It came with a fun intro letter telling us a little about the topic and what we would be doing along with a code to access the online activities.

There was a clear checklist of what to do.  I like that they are things we don't all have to do at once. I logged in to the online Mission Center, and took a look around before adventuring in with Henry. There is a lot of reading, and with him being a beginning reader, he definitely couldn't do it by himself. If you have an older child who can read, this would be a place that they could learn by themselves. Though some activity boxes are geared toward child's independence, I would view this as an opportunity to learn with your child if he or she is a beginning reader. 

And probably the thing that Henry was most excited about was all the goodies!  Stickers, tattoos, a wrist band, a pin, and two little sea creatures were included. He is such a collector, so the little sea creatures went right into his special box of items that he has by his bed.

I would recommend this subscription to anyone with a child in the age bracket of 5-12. It was a fun way to help us keep learning in the summer and the perfect activity for us to sit down and do while the little brothers were napping. Starting at $19/month, the pricing is similar to other subscription boxes we have tried. Signing up for multiple months reduces the cost.


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