bybmg: High Five for Friday 5.8

High Five for Friday 5.8

It's Friday! Hooray!!


My friend who I teach with, and I had made a tradition of getting pedicures on the first Friday of the month, so we headed out Friday after school to enjoy some pampering. She's pregnant, too, so we both definitely needed it!


Henry and I ventured out to Toys R Us on Sunday where they were offering a free Star Wars Lego set!  It was a blast. 


I had a great run of indulging in some of my favorite foods last weekend. You can still get the taste of the Birthday Cake Frappuccino - just order a Vanilla Bean one and add hazelnut. Same taste, it just doesn't have the raspberry whip on top.

We also went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory Saturday night. I didn't get a picture snapped of my food, but I always get the Stuffed Chicken Tortillas.

Last, Sunday night we headed to our local ice cream shop to indulge. That lovely sundae is jokingly labeled "The Inducer." I had it the night Wesley was born. I had one last week... no luck. But, I had it again and....


Here's my last belly shot! 38.5 weeks Sunday morning because...


This beautiful boy arrived Monday!  His name is Calvin. Come back Monday for a photo dump of his first few days. 

And, PS, I love all the wonderful comments about still blogging/having a baby. Y'all are so sweet!  I do schedule my blog posts, so Monday and Tuesday this week were already ready, and I popped one picture into Wednesday's post, so I'm not a super woman over here, just a planner! :) I also have my phone synced with Google, so I take pics on my phone, it auto uploads to Google, and I can quick add it to a blog post in Blogger. It's fabulous!  And... new babies sleep. A lot. They say sleep when the baby sleeps, but I'm still a little on new baby adrenaline. Just a little disclosure for ya!

Happy Friday!!


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