bybmg: High Five for Friday 5.15

High Five for Friday 5.15

It's Friday again, which means it's time to share highlights of the week!


We had some pictures taken on Saturday. Let's just say this picture won't be making the birth announcement. Oh, life with little ones! I love it all! We did get some great ones, though, and I'll share them with you soon!


We bought a new-to-us play set. It's HUGE and the boys are in love with it. So thankful to a couple friends who helped Russ tear it down from its old home, haul it here, and put it back together. It will be so wonderful to have this for years to come! 


I found a used Fitbit, too! I bought a couple cute bands for it on Amazon. I hope to get out and walk this next week and throughout the summer. Excited to have this to track it all.


Russ was off work last week, but he went back on Monday. I've been enjoying my time at home with our little man. We went to the doctor on Monday for a weight check, and he is back at his birth weight. Yay!


I took the leap and joined the essential oils community. We have been diffusing the allergy blend (peppermint, lemon, and lavender) each night for Henry and he has not had a coughing spell since. So, needless to say, I needed to get more. We went with Young Living since my sister-in-law is already a distributor with them, so I could sign up under her. I haven't done much else with oils except diffusing that blend, but I'm learning more little by little. 

Happy Friday!! I hope you had a great week!


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