bybmg: High Five for Friday 5.1

High Five for Friday 5.1

Here we are. Friday again! Here's some great things from my week!


A few weeks ago, I was sorting through my non-maternity clothes and made an executive decision to store some things away until next summer.  There are items in my wardrobe that I know will not fit comfortably or at all this coming summer, so I'm going to give my body and mind a chance to bounce back in it's own time. New mamas, do yourself a favor and just enjoy your baby and not worry about getting back into tip top shape right away. 

I also ordered some new-to-me tops from Thred Up (Use this link and get $10 off your first order!). I sized up from my normal pre-baby size. I looked back at some pictures of myself post-Wesley, and I wasn't as pleased with how I dressed. I tried to squeeze back into things, and so buying a size up will help me feel good in my "fourth trimester body" as well this summer. 


My sweet blogger friend, Tiffany, sent a couple things over for baby boy!  Thank you so much, Tif!  It's so fun to have a couple new things for boy #3!


My sweet, dear Great Aunt Edna passed away last week. She and I share the same middle name and I have so many fond memories of her from growing up. She lived a full 96 years, and lived the past 9 years with my parents. I wasn't able to attend her service because traveling that far isn't advised with how far along I am in my pregnancy, but my mom brought over a few pieces of her jewelry that I will truly cherish.


I posted on my personal Facebook page asking for some essential oil suggestions. Henry has been sleeping terribly - up coughing a lot - with what I suspect is allergies. I had multiple friends come to the rescue with wonderful suggestions. I'd had a few oils around the house, but hadn't dug into them much just because we hadn't needed to. I borrowed a diffuser and got some more oil samples from a few friends. I diffused an allergy blend (peppermint, lavender, and lemon) in Henry's room that night, and he didn't cough! I know there are tons of variables that could be happening with him, but a night of sleep for all of us was amazing, and I'm totally going to continue trying some things!


These cookies. Amazing. Happy Friday!


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