bybmg: High Five for Friday 4.17

High Five for Friday 4.17

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We had this guy's 2nd birthday party this past weekend. Tons of fun and awesome weather. I'll share more details about the party next week!


I started an Instagram account (@bybmgcloset) with items for sale from my closet. Some things have already sold, but go check it out. I have both maternity and non maternity items, and I'll be adding more as I phase out maternity wear and figure out what fits.


I forgot to take a pic, but I got to meet my friend's little babe! She's not quite two weeks old, and it was so fun to hold a little one again. It'll be us soon!!


I did a tiny bit of shopping with Old Navy Super Cash this past week. I chopped my old jean jacket, for good reason, last year, so I found a nice replacement. I've also been drooling over these navy floral shorts, so I purchased them in a size I think I'll be able to wear over the summer. I love that they are longer shorts (5" as opposed to many 3" lengths).


Russ has given in to my nesting demands (while I sit and watch).  He installed the car seat, assembled the new double stroller, AND worked on assembling the shelf in the baby's room this week (hammering while the boys sleep doesn't quire work...). We're getting so close to being all ready for our little man's arrival! (And thanks for your suggestions on what to add to my hospital bag. I now have slippers, a phone charger, and snacks!)

Happy Friday!!


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