bybmg: Shopping for Baby Boy #3 and Link Up

Shopping for Baby Boy #3 and Link Up


I joked about how if this baby was a boy, I really wouldn't have to spend much money on him since we already have most of the baby gear and all of the clothes he will need.  That is very true to a point, but I have made some purchases for him. I've already shared about what I bought for his nursery. Here's what we've bought otherwise.

Since our next house has multiple levels, I wanted to get a video monitor. We'd made it through both of the boys with just a standard one, and that was really not truly necessary unless we were going outside since our house was such a small space and the nursery was so close to our room. This time around, I think it will be nice to have, and I got an additional camera so I can have one in the big boys' room to monitor naps and bedtimes, too.  I was able to score this one when it was on sale. I've already tried it out and gotten both of the cameras to sync up!

Our infant car seat from the other two boys is set to expire in August.  I know there's a big debate on if they really go bad, etc., but I decided to buy a new one, knowing I can probably sell it on the local Facebook for sale page and get some of my money back.  I was able to sell the one that expires in August for a small amount of money, so that was nice, and won a Target gift card giveaway on a blog that fully paid for this new one!

I'm honestly kind of sick of looking at the same old baby clothes after two boys, so I have made a few little purchases when I find things on sale. Just a couple sleepers, onsies, and a hat. I don't have links to them all because some aren't online anymore, but let's just say I love Old Navy and Baby Gap. Nothing too major. I also plan to buy him a fun going-home outfit, but I haven't purchased it yet.

I got the Ergo carrier when we had Wesley, and I'm so glad I did.  The carrier we had formerly was not comfortable, so we didn't use it much.  I used the Ergo a TON with Wesley, so I wanted to try out the newborn insert with this little guy.  I was all prepared to buy it on Amazon, then it showed up on our local Facebook for sale group for $12 - barely used, gently washed, I was pumped!

I still need to buy new bottle parts, milk storage bags, and all that good nursing and bottle feeding stuff.  If you've had baby #3, what were some of the things you bought?

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