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ePantry Love and Link Up

I've found that in my busy life, I don't always have time to run to the store to pick things up.  Online scheduled subscriptions have been a life saver!  Diapers delivered each month? Check. Make up to try out for fun each month without browsing the aisle? Check. Healthy snacks delivered  frequently? Check. Cleaners, toothpaste, and soap delivered when I need them? Check.

You've all heard of Amazon Mom, I hope, if not, go there and sign up! If you've been around here for a while, you've heard of Ipsy. Someday I'll tell you about Nature Box (if you want to try it out, I have some free boxes I can give away via email invite). Today I'm going to share about ePantry!

I've admitted more than once that I am not an frequent house cleaner. I don't do deep cleans often, but I do try to make sure the house looks somewhat presentable.  When I blogged about my word of the year, organize, I shared that I would love to have a cleaning schedule, but to be honest, that hasn't happened yet. Between moving, pregnancy exhaustion, and just life, I don't prioritize cleaning. I have though, through ePantry, found some cleaning products I really love, so I wanted to share them with you today in hopes they might help you, too, along with a few other things we get from there.

I started using ePantry (join with my referral link and get $10 off!) back in October It's a handy place where you can purchase your home supplies and have them delivered on a regular basis. They're also very eco-friendly in their shipping practices which is an added bonus!

A few things I get from them and LOVE are:

One thing that does drive me CRAZY is prints and smudges on our stainless steel appliances. This spray is magic!  It cleans things right up, including the steel sink!

This is a great cleaner for getting the scum out. It is foamy, too. I use this for the day to day surface cleaning. If I need a little deeper scrub, I use Borax

I got these free in one of my first shipments and I definitely continue to reorder them when they wear out. After one use, they are super soft and absorbent. They're a great paper towel substitute, though I still use paper towels sometimes. 

These buddies are great. I got some mascara and liner that doesn't come off well with just my face wash, so I threw these in my cart with my last shipment, and I'll for sure be reordering them as well!

I also threw this in my cart on a whim, and Henry loves it.  I know I can get it other places, but it's nice to just have it scheduled to arrive every couple months.

If you haven't tried out ePantry, I would highly suggest it. Use this link (ePantry) to get $10 off your first order!  This is NOT a sponsored post, I'm just sharing a service with you that I love!  This post does contain referral links, so please see my disclosure statement. 

Garay Treasures

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