bybmg: 32 Week Update

32 Week Update


(This is actually at 31 weeks.)

(32 weeks gets a bathroom selfies at the doctors office. The place I take my pictures was engulfed in boxes!)

How Far Along? 32 weeks! 

Size of Baby? About the size of an jicama: approximately 16 1/2 inches long, and weighs 3 3/4  pounds (according to

Maternity Clothes? All in!  I got 2 more pairs of full-panel pants and life is a lot better.  There are a couple of my pairs of low panel pants that are getting uncomfy, so I'm swearing not to wear them any more. Leggings and tunics and stretchy dresses have been my BFF lately, though.

Weight Gain? I had an appointment Friday, and I'm up 19 pounds total.

Baby’s Gender? It's a BOY!

Sleep? It's been touch a go.  I had a cold, which made sleeping very difficult, and Wesley's been getting up a few times some nights, so I haven't had a ton of restful sleep. The past few nights have been great, though!

Food Cravings? Give me all the cake and sweets you can!

What I am loving? Just cherishing these last few weeks, though I'm truly exhausted!

Movement? Yep!  It's getting to the point where I can feel his body parts sticking out sometimes.

What I’m looking forward to: We're moving in to our new house TODAY! So once we get in there and settled, I can't wait to sort and wash up the baby clothes, get his room set up, and shop for those last few little things.

Other Updates… Nothing really notable besides the whole moving to a new house thing! I did buy the first newborn pack of diapers this week!

I've been doing updates every 4 weeks... that means next month could be my last one! Eeek!

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