bybmg: How Do You Do It All? The Fringe Hours Book Review, Giveaway, and Link Up

How Do You Do It All? The Fringe Hours Book Review, Giveaway, and Link Up


Well, to start off with the answer... I don't.

I got word of a book being released called The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner.  You've probably seen me post a couple times about it on social media. The premise of the book is about how to take care of yourself and your interests as a woman. It talks about letting go of the guilt you might feel for taking time for self-care, finding pockets of time for your interests, and how to focus on what really matters (letting some things go).  The book will be released a week from today!  You can pre order it or you can enter to win a copy right here!

I will honestly say this book was not life changing for me. I actually felt myself nodding my head a lot as I was reading because they are things I already practice.  I don't know how I became the person who often lives by this practice, but people do ask me a lot how I do it all. I feel like my creative soul just kind of fell into it. This does not come naturally to many people, so if you fall into that category, this book is for sure for you!

A few things that help me in this venture and were verified by things Jessica shared in the book:

1) I have an AMAZING husband who is a teammate, supporter, and cheerleader. He allows me time for my interests, time for friends, and cheers me on in my ventures.  He is hands-on with our boys, so when I go shopping or spend time with friends, there's no worrying on my part.  

2) I don't have a spotless house.  We aren't living in the slums, either, but if you were to come over more days that not, you'd find crumbs in the corners of my kitchen, a little stickiness on the floor, and beds unmade.  My bathroom may have some soap residue. There may be a little dust on the shelves.  I really don't sweat it. I know having a clean home is important, but I don't devote a lot of time to it. We also have a small home, so there's less to keep clean.

3) I took a different job. I was an elementary teacher. Two years ago, after the birth of our second son, I had the opportunity to interview for a teaching position at a middle school that is an elective course.  Going from teaching elementary school where I had 5 subjects, small groups, and more to prepare for every day to my current job where I teach six periods a day of the same class and can become more specialized in my content decreased my outside of school hours work time by a ton.  I do have 300 tests to check when I give one, and more students to get to know and relate to, but changing jobs allowed some of my time to be freed.

4) My kids go to bed early (compared to some people's). They're in bed by 7:30, which means I usually have two hours in the evening to do things undisturbed.  Knowing I have this time at night is wonderful.

5) I really don't watch much TV or work out. I guess I spend more time on social media, devoted to my crafts and shops and such. I don't think TV is a bad thing, but there aren't shows I "can't miss."  I watch Parenthood and Greys Anatomy, but I rarely watch them when they're live. I usually catch up streaming them online... and it's while I'm doing something else.  One thing that The Fringe Hours did note is just how we can see some hobbies as more "productive" than others. If you enjoy working out, you may be doing that instead of crafting.  When I craft or blog, you can see the "fruits of my labor" in a product where working out does turn a body fit, there's no product to share with others. Same with if you really enjoy watching TV or reading.  Those are hobbies that show little visible fruit.  So, it may look like I do more, but really it's because what I do is more visible. Side note: I know I should work out, and there will be time for that in my life, but right now other things are taking precedent.

So, you ask how I do it all. I don't. I do what works for me to help me feel fulfilled and balanced.

If you'd like to read more about this, I'd highly recommend reading The Fringe Hours!

I pre ordered an extra copy of the book especially for a lucky bybmg reader! Enter the Rafflecopter below. The winner will receive the book once it's been shipped to me! This giveaway is open to US mailing addresses only.

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