bybmg: Jamberry Nails - The Busy Mom's Manicure, Link Up, & Giveaway!

Jamberry Nails - The Busy Mom's Manicure, Link Up, & Giveaway!

About six months ago, I had a friend invite me to an online Jamberry Nails party.  I'd seen the catalog floating around my school once, but I hadn't had the chance to try them out, so I wasn't going to risk the money on them.  The consultant for the online party I attended sent me a sample to try, and I was hooked! Last month I took the jump to become a consultant.  Today I want to share about Jamberry Nail Wraps with you and give you the opportunity to try them yourself!

What are Jamberry Nail Wraps?

They are heat activated vinyl wraps that adhere to your fingernails (as well as gel, acrylic, shellac, etc.) and last on your fingernails for up to 2 weeks and your toenails for up to 6 weeks! They do not chip, have no harmful chemicals like polish, and there's no drying time! 1 sheet will give you up to 4 applications (manicures and/or pedicures).

How do you apply them?

Basically all you need is a  a blow dryer (or the Jamberry mini heater if want to make it even easier), scissors, and other normal nail supplies you might have around.  Jamberry has a great page explaining it all.  It might seem daunting the first time, but after that, you'll be a pro!

Why do I like them so much?

I love having pretty nails, but don't like how they don't last. I can't afford to go get my nails done at the salon all the time. I also love all of Jamberry's over 300 patterns and colors.  There's something for everyone: solids, florals, animal print, graphic, abstract, glitter, french tip, and more!  And if you really want to be creative, they have a Nail Art Studio where you can design your own (think your favorite team, color, even your child's artwork!)

How much do they cost?

One sheet of wraps, which you can get 2 manicures and two pedicures from, costs $15. Jamberry does always have their Buy 3, Get 1 Free, deal, too! Or, if you really want to get them cheap or free, host a party or become a consultant yourself!  If you don't live nearby, or just don't feel like cleaning your house for company, you can do an online party! The hostess benefits are wonderful!  From the average party, you can get about 6 sheets of wraps for FREE!

This week I'm having an open house (for the locals) and an online (for anyone on Facebook) launch party.  If you'd like to be a part of either, just let me know and I'll show you how to get there!  There will be prizes!

Want to try them before you buy?  I would love to send you a sample!  Just drop me an email and include your address or comment below with how I can get a hold of you.

Today, I'm also giving away one sheet of wraps to a lucky reader!  Valid for US mailing addresses only.

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Now, for the first Tuesday Talk Link Up!  If you're a blogger, I hope you will join us!  Your post can be on any topic! If you're a reader, I hope you will check out the great posts!  

Becky from bybmg, Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls, Chelsea from The Contented Wife, Elizabeth from All Kinds of Things, Tara from Mrs.Coach Sims, Keri from Living In This Season, Sarah from Abiding In Grace, Lauren from Simply Free , Andrea from Mitchael Journey, Jessica & Katie from Sweet Little Ones, Mandy from Almond Place, Teressa from Teressa Jane

Also, to kick off this link up, you'll find giveaways at these lovely ladies' blogs, too!  Here's what else is being given away! You'll need to head to each of their blogs to enter!

Mandy- Essi Lip Balm
Sarah- Marine Parents Ruffled Pouch
Beth- Starbucks Gift Card
Teressa- Make It Happen by Lara Casey
Elizabeth- Necklace
Chelsea- Scarf
Lauren- Mere Christianity
Tara- Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
Katie & Jessica- Year Subscription to Better Homes and Gardens
Andrea- Pollan Family Cookbook
Keri- Small Daily Planner

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