bybmg: HIgh Five For Friday 1.30

HIgh Five For Friday 1.30

What a great week!!  We found out last Friday afternoon that the house we put an offer in on is ours!  We did inspections this week and hope to have a closing date nailed down in the next few days.  Exciting stuff! With all the excitement, I've done a little house planning this week mixed in with other events in in our lives.


Henry turns 5 tomorrow!  How can that be?  I'll be back next week with a little summary of his party which is tomorrow.  I've tried to keep everything super simple, but Henry has helped me with a few little touches. He's so excited to help.


A selfie in our new place during inspection! Closing date is set so we can move over spring break!


I ordered this bunk bed set for the boys' room in the new house.  We don't plan to bunk them for a while, but it will be nice when/if we want to. It arrived yesterday! I also ordered new comforters for their beds since the one I have for Henry currently is no longer available and I wanted them to match.


I've been washing my hair every other day instead of every day, and it makes my mornings a bit easier.  I've tried a few different kinds of dry shampoo, and this one is the winner so far.  Usually, I spray it on my roots at night. I got a sample size of it just to try and plan to buy a full size once it runs out because I LOVE it.


Thanks for all your well-wishes for this guy and his bout of sickness last week.  He's back to his normal self. He is a little snack beggar... always wanting something to eat any time he sees an empty bowl.  I had to capture the way he was sitting on Sunday afternoon while snacking!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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