bybmg: High Five for Friday 1.16

High Five for Friday 1.16


So, I feel like all I've talked about on here for a little while is getting the house ready to sell and fashion, with a little life and Jamberry sprinkled in there... and my week this week has really consisted of most of that (the house is listed and we've had a couple showings, yay!), so I decided to change up this Friday's post with some forward thinking to when we do move... and what I'll make for the house. I feel like my DIYing is kind of on hold until the house sells, since we're trying to avoid messes and basically make it look like no one lives at our house. Today I'm sharing a few Pinterest pins of what fun decor projects I would like to do for our new house, whenever/wherever that may be!

1. Bicycle Tire Photo Holder - this pin's link is broken, but I really like the idea. We really do enjoy biking. I just haven't done it in a long time between pregnancies and little kiddos.  This would be fun to have displayed somewhere - be it our bedroom, living area, or a hallway. It seems like it would be pretty easy, too, just a tire and some fun spray paint!

2. Trash Can Laundry - I think this would be fun for the boys' room. I have some receptacles for their laundry, now, but I think this would be more sturdy.  I could sew a couple fabric liners for it, so I could have them take one out, take it to the laundry room, and replace it with a new one. And, how fun, yet somewhat confusing, to put your dirty clothes in the trash?  I'd be fine with just a nice silver trash can, so the sewing a liner or two would be quick.

3. Dry Erase Weekday Frames - I painted the inside of a couple of our current cabinets with chalkboard paint, and while I do love it, sometimes it gets missed because its inside a cupboard! Also, I adore chalkboard markers, but they don't seem to erase well. This would be easy to make or even just buy a 7+ space frame and some cute paper.

4. Kids' Art Display - Again, this looks easy! Just a curtain rod and some clips.  Right now I tape Henry's artwork to the cupboards, but with house staging, that had to come down.  I like this alternative. One of my friends has a similar thing going in her home. No tape and easy to change out.

5. The Best of Times Display - Some may think this is cheesy, and I haven't even run it past Russ yet, but I kind of like the idea of having a spot for each kiddos' current picture along with the time they were born.

Happy Friday, friends!  And keep praying that good things will happen with our house!


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