bybmg: Kickstarters: Funding Small Businesses

Kickstarters: Funding Small Businesses


Small Businesses have been on a many of our minds this past weekend as Small Business Saturday always makes the news. Probably a year or two ago, I discovered a website called Kickstarter. It is a website that hosts public funding projects for small businesses to get their feet off the ground. There are so many awesome and unique projects on there!  From art to music, food to film.  There is something on there I believe everyone might be interested in. I've funded a few Kickstarters, so today I wanted to share a few with you just so you can see what's out there and the benefits you can also receive from funding a project.

The first I ever funded was the TidyTilt. You can go to their page to learn more about it. It was cool in theory, and I actually got a pink one, but I no longer have it since I switched to a newer phone.  I don't have my own picture of the product, but you can get the gist of it from the Kickstarter page.

One Kickstarter you might have heard of since it was on the Today show was Bunch O Balloons.  Russ actually bought into this one, but I will for sure benefit from it since I am the one who usually has to tie the water balloons! He funded this one for $15. We got one package of the product. I can't wait to try them out in the spring.

This summer I funded the She Reads Truth app on Kickstarter. I love She Reads Truth, and having it in an app on my phone is awesome. From funding this app, I got first access to the app, a couple fun Bible verse prints, a decal, and access to an online event just for the app's backers. There's also an Andriod app because the Kickstarter was so well-funded!

I also recently received this handy little lid (actually a set of three) because I funded the Kickstarter for it. It's called the SipSnap. There are two versions of it. It turns any cup into a kid-friendly cup. It's not leak proof, but it is spill proof which helps when I forget to bring a sippy somewhere. This picture is of its recent use at a cafe we went out to eat at. The SipSnap even has an easy little carrying case so I can always have one in my purse. They also have a version that can be used with a straw.

I also recently funded Wildly Co., a company that will make ethically made kids wear. From funding that campaign. I got an exclusive t-shirt! I know, I shop Old Navy, not ethically made, all too often, so it feels good to fund someplace that's striving to do it right.

Now, all the campaigns I've shared are funded and closed, but I encourage you to head over to Kickstarter and find one you'd like to fund.  I'd love it if you would come back and comment with one or many that you found interesting!

Also, if you haven't already, will you take my reader survey? There might even be something in it for you!

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