bybmg: Sixteen Week Update

Sixteen Week Update

I don't really know how often I'll update you on my pregnancy. Maybe every 4 weeks? I don't want to overwhelm you or bore you, so we'll see how often they happen. I do feel like an update every once in a while is good, since you can't really see the full belly effect in my weekly outfits.

How Far Along? 16 weeks!

Size of Baby? About the size of an avocado: 4 1/2 inches long (head to rump) and 3 1/2 ounces

Maternity Clothes? Yes - pants all the way, and tops some of the time.

Weight Gain? I had an appointment last week and am up 6 pounds. I did have my riding boots on when I was weighed, so it might not be quite that much. Those things are heavy.

Baby’s Gender? It's a mystery as of now. The big ultrasound is scheduled for less than a month from now. I could probably write a novel about my feelings going into it. We've never found out before birth until this kiddo. Y'all probably won't find out until after Christmas because we hope to share the news with our families at Christmas. 

Sleep? I've been sleeping ok. Some nights it's hard to get comfortable, so I've been kind of restless. I'm finally "big enough" that I can't sleep on my stomach or back, so trying to get settled on my side is a struggle.

Food Cravings? Oh, I will eat most anything.  I feel like I'm hungry all day long. I also feel thirsty a lot, so last week's trip to the grocery store included root beer, iced coffee, Gatorade, and I also have some sparking grape juice in the fridge!

What I am loving? I'm loving that I don't feel sick all day. I did have few times last week that I got sick, but I hope most of those moments will be fleeting soon.

Movement? At night while I'm laying in bed, I think I've felt a few flutters. Looking forward to it being more definite soon. 

What I’m looking forward to: I'm nervous, but looking forward to finding out the baby's gender, but I'm also nervous about it. Lots of people are "hoping it's a girl" and such.

Other Updates… I was super thrilled at my appointment last week (which was just my second appointment) that the doctor found the heartbeat instantly. Sometimes pregnancy just doesn't feel real, especially in the early months. I also kind of feel like Wesley is still a baby though he's 19 months, so it's hard to picture another little one joining us. We'll sure have a circus! I haven't really done any nursery planning or anything since Wesley is still in there and we hope to, Lord willing, move to a bigger house before this kiddo is born. If you'd pray for that, that'd be awesome.  Lots of work to do before we put our current house on the market. 

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