bybmg: My First Trimester Essentials & GIVEAWAY

My First Trimester Essentials & GIVEAWAY

(Pssst! If you're not pregnant or planning to ever be pregnant again... there's still something in this post for you, a GIVEAWAY!  Keep Reading!) 

I haven't been feeling the best with this pregnancy. It's not a surprise, because I felt like crud with both the boys' pregnancies, too, but I felt like this time it started earlier. With the boys it was about 7 weeks before I started to feel icky. This time around I remember right when I hit 5 weeks feeling out of sorts and of course wondering if it was twins (it's not). As I write this, I'm 14 weeks, and still feeling not myself. With the boys it was 14 and then 16 weeks before I felt better. So, I possibly have a few more weeks to go.

I wanted to share a few things with you that helped me get through. I know there are a ton of suggestions and remedies out there, but this is what has helped me both feel better and get myself dressed and to work every day.

{Lemon Jolly Ranchers}

These babies have been my friend in my desk.  People say sour candy helps with nausea, and these have taken the edge off.  I actually found them at Dollar Tree.


I haven't actually gotten sick very much, but soda really made me want to. Drinking straight water also sometimes left me feel nauseous, so having this in the fridge was helpful. 

{Saltines and Toast}

Really, if you know our family, we try not to carb too much. Since Russ went on the clean eating train 3 years ago, we really haven't kept much bread in our house, unless I'm pregnant or Henry is on a PBJ sandwich kick.  The toaster is out and bread is in stock in full force in our house. It's the only thing I can really stomach in the mornings, and saltines in my school drawer get me through the day.

{Minty Toothpaste}

I had a mild mint toothpaste, but it made me want to gag, so I went out and bought this. The stronger mint helps make brushing tolerable, at least for me. 

I had bella bands (basically just a stretchy tube to cover unbuttoned pants) with my previous pregnancies, but I felt like it was always getting out of place, and it didn't really hold my pants together.  The Belly Button Band has elastic and a button, so you can hold your pants together (like the old hair tie trick does) and then it folds down to cover it up. They also have a full panel one, which I got, but haven't worn yet.  I look forward to this post-baby, too, when I want to get back into my old pants but can't quite yet.

I discovered these no-slip headbands on Instagram, and I wanted to give them a try.  I've never had luck with headbands, but these hold tight, and they're darn cute! Perfect for the days I just didn't feel like doing my hair or needed my hair out of my face... if you know what I mean. ;)

{LuLaRoe Madison Skirt}

I love these skirts because they're cute and comfy, but the pleats and high waist can camouflage a bit. I look forward to wearing them after baby, too, since I'll be nursing and need two piece outfits. 

{LuLaRoe Irma Tunic}

I'm looking forward to wearing these awesome tunics all throughout my pregnancy.  They're comfy and cute again, and just flow a little. Perfect for after baby, too.

What helped you get through the first trimester?

Now for the GIVEAWAY!  Jasmine over at Fleurty Bands is giving away one headband to a lucky bybmg reader!  Good luck!

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