bybmg: High Five for Friday 11.14

High Five for Friday 11.14

We have another slow weekend ahead, and I'm totally looking forward to it. More time with my boys and time to just chill in sweatpants.  This past week was pretty darn good though!



Russ sent me off for a morning to do whatever I wanted on Saturday.  I hit up Tarbucks (Target with a Starbucks), TJ Maxx, and Trader Joes.  It was heavenly.


I was going to be all Pinterest-y and make a cute advent calendar, but then I remembered Trader Joes has these.  At 99 cents each, I had to give myself a break.  Now everyone in the family gets chocolate and mama doesn't have to recreate the wheel.


The baking bug bit me again, and I had a big pile of bananas turning brown on my counter. One night I made a loaf of banana bread. The next night, the loaf pan was still dirty, so I made muffins.  I used this recipe. Super tasty. Super easy. And pretty much gobbled up by my boys within hours.


It's been cold here this week, which means we don't play outside a whole lot. We discovered a great form of entertainment from a friend - stream people's Just Dance video game videos on the TV.  It's entertaining and gets the boys moving. 


Come back on Monday for a fun blog hop with some great blogger friends!  

Hope your week was fabulous! Don't forget to enter my current giveaway!

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