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Customized Tableware with Create UR Plate


I received the items in this post free for review, but the opinions expressed are all my own. See my disclosure page for more information.

I've never been the best at putting together a cute table setting. When company comes over, I'm often like, "Shoot!  Do we even have enough clean plates?!" When I read about Create UR Plate and their Plate-Ables™, I was really excited to try them out. I also don't have much space to store cute decor or holiday wares, so the compactness of the product was also very attractive to me.  All the decals I ordered fit into that pretty little package.

I ordered four different designs of Plate-Ables™, and was thrilled when they came in the mail.  Plate-Ables™are reusable decals that you attache to the bottom of clear plates. They make the plate pretty and are easy to switch out for different occasions. I ordered a set of clear plastic plates from the site as well. The Plate-Ables™ have four different size options depending on the plate you want to use. They also sell glass plates.

The  Plate-Ables™ I was most excited about were for the boys.  They had a few choices that could be customized with photos.  Sometimes Henry has troubles eating much for dinner, but I think a plate with his own picture on it might be motivating!

What kid wouldn't be excite to sit down to his Halloween dinner with this plate?

We had my brother and his family over for pizza after church on Sunday.  I brought out the  Plate-Ables™and the table looked very much put together.

Perfect pizza plates.  Clean up was pretty easy.  I just peeled the decal off the bottom of the plate, put it back on the paper it came on, and threw the plastic plate away. 

You won’t believe the amount of designs you have to choose from. Your Thanksgiving table can have multiple designs - turkeys, acorns, fall leaves - yet all have the same color palette, making it a gorgeous table. No one will know you are using Plate-Ables™ until you tell them. And, you’ll want to tell them!  It is easy and cost effective at only $1.99 per design after you get the plate. Now through November 27th, take 25% off your order at Create UR Plate using the code TURKEY25 at checkout!

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