bybmg: Cute Etsy Shop Alert! Living In This Season

Cute Etsy Shop Alert! Living In This Season


My friend, Keri, over at Living In This Season just opened her Etsy shop under the same name!  I LOVE how adorable her banners are!  

When I asked Keri about her shop, she said, "The shop is there to encourage others to celebrate all of life's moments. From birthday party decor to holiday items, there is a little bit of everything. Custom orders are accepted.

I have always loved creating decorations for my kids birthdays, so when friends kept urging me to open a shop- I finally decided to do so. My hope is that I can help create a little decor fun that will ease the stress of others. "

Wouldn't a banner like this be a great addition to your celebration?

I adore her gratitude tree. The perfect way to add some meaning to your holiday.

Hop over and check out Keri's shop! You'll be glad you did!

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