bybmg: Adding to the Crazy!

Adding to the Crazy!


I’m THRILLED to announce that Baby #3 will be joining our family in May (or April if he/she comes early like Henry and Wesley did). I feel like this picture is the epitome of how our life feels right now. Crazy.  Grad school. Probably putting out house on the market this spring. And a BABY!

One of the first questions I feel like everyone asks is, “How are you feeling?” And my answer is I have been feeling totally crappy. Not as crappy as poor Duchess Kate, but pretty darn gross!  I feel like I could use a nap every day. I live on toast in the mornings. My students probably wonder why Mrs. G has been a snacking machine (saltines, anyone?). But, I have to, or I feel even more terrible. Diet Coke even makes me want to throw up, and if you know me, you know I love a good soda! So, if I haven’t been commenting on your blog lately, it’s because of that.  I have been going to sleep early and just trying to keep myself together at school. 

I found out we were expecting on Labor Day of all days. My first doctor’s appointment was last week. I feel like we’ve told a few more people earlier this time around, but I have experienced the pain of miscarriage before, and this time, I felt like if it did happen, I would want a group of friends and family to be able to surround me.  It also might be because my doctors appointments with Henry and Wesley were at 7 and 8 weeks and this one wasn’t until 11 because I wanted to schedule it with my favorite doctor, and that’s the first appointment she had....and then it ended up getting rescheduled without my knowledge, so I called the office basically crying and they were able to reschedule for the same day I'd originally planned but with a different doctor. Phew. I feel like I’ve been keeping this a secret FOREVER!  But, now it’s out!

One thing that will be different this time around is that we are finding out the gender.  We did not do this with Henry or Wesley, but I feel I just need to this time around.  Would I like a girl? Yes! But will I be happy with a boy? Yes!  This might be our last kiddo, so I feel like knowing if I’m going to get to buy new baby clothes or bring the baby boy clothes out for round three. (Maybe if it’s a boy, it’s a reason for mama to splurge on something big since I’ll be saving all that clothes money?!)

Anywho, we’re really excited!  Henry’s excited. Wesley doesn’t have a clue. It will be an adjustment since Henry was three when Wesley was born and Wesley will barely be two when this one enters the world. Russ had the fun idea to get the boys cookies to tell them. 

Another note. Russ has been AWESOME. Rock star dad in the house! He’s taken the boys to do things so I can just rest. It’s been amazing!  Thank you!!

It’s been funny keeping this under wraps, especially since I post outfit pictures each week.  I feel like I’m getting a little chubby though I haven't gained any weight yet, but thank goodness that leggings and stretchy, cozy clothes are in style!  I do plan to post a little about pregnancy wardrobe helps including a piece that has helped my style stretch, literally! When I started this blog I was pregnant with Wesley, so it will be fun to see those maternity clothes come back out again.  I did buy a pair of gray maternity jeans, and a new maternity tank, but besides that, I hope to just recycle the maternity clothes I already have and use some many of my non-maternity wardrobe. So, you’ll probably see maternity pants in outfit posts very soon.

Lastly, here’s how we told some of our family:

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