bybmg: Tutorial: Tassel Bangles

Tutorial: Tassel Bangles


Today I have a fun, quick, little tutorial for you.  This idea just kind of popped into my head when I was feeling creative, tried to sew, and broke 2 sewing machine needles in a row. I think God was saying, step AWAY from the sewing machine, so I did.  

The supplies you'll need are: 
- plain bangles
- embroidery floss (I had some left from a Darby Smart box)
- a credit card sized object
 - jewelry jump rings (not pictured and optional)

Start out by winding the floss around the card. I tried to count, and I think I wound it 35 times. You can do more or less depending on how full of a tassel you want.  You could also use a different sized object to wind the floss around depending on how long you would like the tassel to be. Don't wind too tight, or it will be difficult to get the floss off the card.

Carefully remove the floss from the card.  You should have a loop that looks like this. Next, you have the option of just leaving it, or tying a small piece of thread around the top. If you do that, you may not need the jump ring.

You can kind of see here that the thread is tied around the top. Then, take another piece of thread and tie it around the bunch of threads and tie a knot to secure.

Wind the thread around a few times, tie a knot, and snip off the loose ends.

Cut the bottom loops using your scissors.

Your tassel should look like this.

If desired, trim the ends to even them up and/or shorten the tassel. I also cut off the top piece of floss here because I decided to use a jump ring.  If you choose not to use a jump ring, keep the top piece of floss attached.

If you choose to use a jump ring, open it slightly and  put it through some of the top loop of floss. Then attach it to the bangle.  If you choose not to use a jump ring, tie the top piece of floss to the bangle with a secure knot and cut off the loose ends.

I ended up making two because it was such a quick job! Enjoy!

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