bybmg: Tutorial: DIY Clock with Darby Smart

Tutorial: DIY Clock with Darby Smart


July's Darby Smart was a fun one.  We truly only have one clock in our house that is not digital, so it was fun making this one. I'm not sure if I'll stick it in our bedroom or find another fun place to put it. This month, I decided to mix it up a little and use something outside of the subscription box to add to the project.

The box, like always, had everything I needed to make the project: clock parts, black and white paint, a gold paint marker, a foam brush, a wooden face for the clock, and a card pointing me to the online directions. I didn't use the black paint or gold paint pen, so I added them to my craft stash for a future project.

First, I painted the clock face white.  I did a couple coats just to make sure it got covered.  Some of the edges of the face were a little rough.  I just painted over them away, but I might go back and sand them down sometime. 

I had some hot pint spray paint left from the Animal Jars box, and I thought it would be fun for my clock to have a pop of pink. 

I taped up the clock face with a few different widths of stripes with painters tape that I had around the house.  I put the clock in a cardboard box.  It was raining the day I decided to work on this, so I wanted to be able to use the spray paint and stay inside.  

The box did a great job containing the spray paint.  I let it try for a little bit.

When I peeled off the paint, I noticed that some had bled under the tape.  

I grabbed some of the white paint again and a brush I had around the house, and did a little touch up work.  It isn't perfect, but what fun is perfect anyway? 

I added the clock parts and decided I liked the simplicity of the stripes so much that I just put the 12 on the top of the clock.  Now I just have to figure out where to hang it!

 This clock kit arrived in my monthly To DIY For subscription.  It's $19 a month and I never know what I'm going to get.  It's fun because I've been able to try out a variety of things I might not have chosen on my own.  If you'd like to join Darby Smart, you can do the monthly subscription, or just buy individual boxes.   (If you join using my referral link, I do get credit on my account.)  If making a clock intrigues you, they do have an individual clock kit that you can purchase. It comes with a wood burning pen, which can be used for many things!

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