bybmg: High Five for Friday 8.15

High Five for Friday 8.15

Phew!  We made it through the first full week back to work!  I can say that I'm excited that our mornings have been flowing pretty well so far.  Hopefully that continues. The boys were at the same place until Wednesday when Henry started preschool, so now we have two drop offs which means we really have to get out of the house on time.  Here are the best parts of my week!


Last weekend was a nearby town's sweet corn festival.  We hadn't seen a parade yet this summer, so I was excited we got the chance to see this one. Both boys were entertained the entire hour plus of the parade and we came home with way too much candy. My friend, whose family attended the parade with us, and I  both noted that we truly hope our kiddos are in the marching band some day because bands are our favorite parts of parades.  I secretly hope Henry is in the drum line... But, of course I'll let him choose his own path...


I've had some fun custom orders rolling in for necklaces and this fun Toms wristlet for a bride!


My cousin, Allison, who I hosted a giveaway with a few weeks back sent me this ADORABLE wet bag as a thank you!  I'm in LOVE with it! I cannot wait to use it.


Henry had his first day of preschool (on the same day as our first day of school) on Wednesday.  He loves his new school and didn't want to leave when we picked him up! I love his little handwriting. Not too shabby for not practicing much over the summer! 


I'm back to work.  This week was two work days plus open house on Monday night, then three full days of school. I said to Russ last night that I forget how tiring it is to work!  Thank goodness for Diet Coke and work being a job I love!  

Hope you had a super week!  We have no weekend plans so far besides church, and I'm totally pumped about it!

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