bybmg: What's in my Diaper Bag & Giveaway

What's in my Diaper Bag & Giveaway


Today, I'm opening up my diaper bag and showing you what's inside.  Besides my staging of the items, I literally dumped out my diaper bag.  No adding pretty stuff. This is what's inside!

First, let's talk about the bag.  I got this Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack off of eBay.  If you're looking for a PPB and don't have the cash fora full-priced one, I'd seriously check eBay. I think I paid about $50-$60 for this one.  It was in wonderful condition.  I was skeptical of a pricey diaper bag, but I'm so glad I splurged on it.

One feature I adore about this bag is the zip out changing pad.  I only keep diapers in the pockets currently because Wesley can get into it and totally emptied a package of wipes about a month ago. But, the spot is perfect for storing diapers and wipes for easy access when you don't have a curious toddler. 

Most important stuff first: diapers, wipes, and snacks.  I saw a friend use her formula dispenser for small snacks, and it is awesome!  Perfect for Cheerios or puffs. I always have some snacks for big bro, too: fruit snacks and raisins currently.  These Bitty Bites are new from Gerber; they're little fruit filled crunchy things. Wesley loves them, so I keep them handy.  I also usually have a pouch of applesauce.  I need to put a new one in there!

Even though Wesley is past the spit-up phase, I still keep a burp rag handy because you never know.  My cousin, Allison, maked this sweet little wet bags. I use our little wet bag to hold the bib I keep in the diaper bag.  It's wonderful to hold soiled clothes, too. The bib is Bumkins brand.  I love their bibs; they're compact and have the pocket to catch messes.

Wesley is a book worm.  These books are his favorite!  He loves any lift the flap book right now, so the Peek-a-Boo one is a hit.  We also have a teether, Little People car and a couple Matchbox cars for big brother. I don't keep any noisy toys in there because the toys are usually entertainment during church.

When kiddos get to Wesley's age, lots of things get thrown.  Cup leashes are a must-have to keep sippy cups attached at restaurants and in the stroller.  I got these individual Boogie Wipes a while ago, and they have been wonderful because they're so small compared to the larger Boogie Wipes packs. I also keep a few little glasses wipes on hand for Henry.  Hand sanitizer and sun screen complete the collection of stuff.

I feel like I carry around a lot of stuff, but I also always feel prepared.  The only thing I can think I should add is band aids/first aid items.  Any of your must-haves that I missing?  

Here's a little about my cousin, Allison!

Allison Schmitz is a working woman in the by day and wife/mama/A.RHEA and MARG shop owner and very new blogger by night.  The night part is by far her favorite part!  Her two young daughters wear her out, but also give her the inspiration and drive to squeeze her sewing passion into her life – making items that come in handy for mamas.  There are a few common denominators that Allison feels are most important in her A.RHEA and MARG items: 
{Practical} Items that will actually get used, and used a lot! 
{Economical} Items that don’t break the bank and get some bang for the buck.  {
Multi-functional}  Items that can be used in various ways.   
{Style}  Items that look good.  If it looks good, you’ll enjoy using it even more!  
Allison is super honored to have a shout out from her stylin' cousin Becky at bybmg.

Allison is giving away one wet bag to a lucky bybmg reader.  This one is a little larger than mine and is made to hold breast pump supplies, but it really could be used for so much more! Enter the Rafflecopter Givaway below! Giveaway to US mailing addresses only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Also, today's the second day of some great sales from some fun Etsy shops, mine included!  Here are today's codes. Come back tomorrow for some different ones!

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