bybmg: WBW: Happy Father's Day

WBW: Happy Father's Day


I was reminded this weekend of the speech Russ's dad gave as the Best Man at our wedding.

See, for our wedding, we decided to have just family in the wedding party. It's so hard to choose between friends of old and friends of new. The math just worked out. Russ had his dad and my two brothers stand up for him. I had my two sisters-in-law and Russ's sister stand up for me... but I digress. That's the reason Russ's dad was the best man... (edit...I don't mean he was the best man JUST because of the math. Like Russ commented, his dad is the best man for the job. Love you, Bob!)

Now back to the real reason I'm writing this post.

First, watch the speech. It's just three minutes. You can do it, and it'll give you a good laugh. You can hear my dad laughing because he was manning the camera.

Russ's dad's advice is so funny, but so wonderful, and Russ has sure lived up to it. WBW - Whatever Becky Wants.
So, today, on Father's Day, I want to thank Russell for living up to that. Whatever I want. He's always doing the best for the boys and me. Taking on extra side jobs. Doing chores. Taking care of not so pleasant tasks around the house. Giving me night with girlfriends. Cheering on my DIY projects. Taking Henry on adventures. Giving thoughtful gifts. Loving us well. Going the extra mile.  

Thank you so much. The boys and I are forever grateful.

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