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Good Read: Surpirsed By Motherhood


I've been a fan of Lisa-Jo Baker for a while now. If you're friends with me on Facebook, you see that I share her blog posts often. She is such a down to earth mom who just has a way of poetically sharing real and uplifting thoughts. She is truly an inspiration.

When I heard she was coming out with a book, I immediately pre ordered it. On April 1, Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected about Being a Mom arrived on my doorstep (Thank you, Amazon.). I dug in right away, but then got side tracked by the end of the school year and the baby pulling out my bookmark a few too many times. I just finished it this past week, in progress toward one of my summer goals.

So many things can be taken away from this book. You just must read it. I'll highlight a few here, but I don't want to spoil it all for you.

  • Lisa-Jo is a mom to two boys and a little girl. So much of her talk about boys: fart jokes, dirt, and being being not naughty, just brothers, hit home. Some now, some being a little sister to two brothers, and some visions of the future of my two boys. 
  • She talks about the beauty of a woman's body after motherhood. The scars. The curves. Working on embracing them, not being ashamed of them.
  • Motherhood is hard. There are tantrums, awkwardness, and feelings that we've lost ourselves. But, it's where God shows us grace and teaches us so much. She says, "kids walking around like so much eternity with skin on." Parenthood is a blessing, a tough blessing, but a rewarding one.
  • She has a whole chapter entitled "When you're scared motherhood means missing out on your life." Yep. Speak, sister. Motherhood isn't going to land you on the national news, but it matters to God.
  • Lisa-Jo especially shares about her journey to motherhood with the loss of her mother. I haven't experienced losing my mother, but my mom has, and I know other friends that have as well, so that might influence you to read the book, too. 

So, please, please go check out this book. It's real. It's poetic. You'll enjoy it. You might cry. You'll laugh. You'll be inspired. If you want to be a mom, don't think you want to be a mom, or are a mom, this book's for you.

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