bybmg: Gathering Ideas: Summer Crafting with Henry

Gathering Ideas: Summer Crafting with Henry


Russ and I are both teachers, like I mentioned before, and we are so lucky to have the summers off with our boys. I enjoy our summers so much, but always love to plan ahead with some things to keep the kiddos busy. I get a little stir crazy without some plans. So I don't have to go out and buy things all at once, I've slowly been stocking up on little things to do.

Henry, our 4-year-old, is not a huge crafter, but he does love the opportunity to create something sometimes. He's not really into coloring books, but I've discovered he really enjoys painting things. Last summer, I got him a little wooden box that he painted blue/green. The summer before that, we got a few wooden bird houses to paint. We have also done a couple Melissa and Doug painting kits.

Here are a few things I've stashed away as well as a few ideas I have pinned to keep us busy this summer!

8'' Paper Mache Letter

I got both of these letters when I ordered the Ws for Wesley's birthday. I figured having the same shape/size as Wesley's may come in handy someday when they end up sharing a room.

One of our Kiwi Crates had a couple little peg dolls in it to decorate for a board game. Henry loved decorating them, though he needed some of my help. I plan to bring them out a few at a time - maybe having him do the big spots of color and I'll go back in and do a little detail work.

Then there's the good old toilet paper roll!  I feel like there are a bajillion things you can do with these.We've made binoculars, robots, snakes, and more! 

I plan to pick up some acrylic paint at the craft store, though we do have washable Crayola paint here already. We are also stocked up on sidewalk chalk and bubbles thanks to Easter baskets. Then there's always glow sticks or making our own photo ABC book since Henry is really into letter recognition. We'll have to see where the summer takes us! And don't you worry, you know I'll post pictures of our projects here!

P.S. Come back tomorrow to see a short video documentary on Henry and his glasses.

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