bybmg: What I Wore Wednesday: Toms Booties and Chambray 4.23

What I Wore Wednesday: Toms Booties and Chambray 4.23

I have been madly pinning chambray and Toms booties lately. Because they're stylish and I own both. I just got my third chambray shirt. I sold the first one because it became too big (I bought it right after Wes was born, and it served its purpose in the fourth trimester). The second was a Goodwill find and the third was free from Old Navy via Gap rewards. The Toms booties were a treat from my husband telling me to buy whatever Toms I wanted from Zulily on my birthday.

P.S. If you like Toms, or just the imperfect, make sure you enter my giveaway for an imperfectly beautiful Toms zipper pouch.

(Also, yep, this is me in a corner of my classroom. I'm a middle school teacher.)

Necklace - Lia Sophia
Chambray - Goodwill
Top - Gap
Coral Polka Dot Skinnies - Gap
Booties - Toms

Honestly, when I finally got the booties in the mail (part of Zulily is the long shipping), I was having a little regret that I didn't get something more "practical," but I've been having tons of fun figuring out how to style them. Here are two other ways I've styled them:

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