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Pinteresting: Restyling the Clothes You Have

I was browsing though my Pinterest boards and landed on my Things I Made board. I pinned things to this board way back before I blogged here and had a blog on Posterous (which is now closed down). I'm so glad I pinned some things there, because it brought me back to some clothing restyles I did which I cost nothing or very little. (Pardon the very poor quality pictures, but they are from my cellphone before I had a nicer iPhone camera.)

Tank Dress - This idea came from this tutorial. This was the only of these three projects I actually had to buy something for. I already had the fabric, but had to buy the elastic for the waist.

This was inspired by this pin. I used scraps of tank top I had from the above dress and pleated them around the collar of another tank top I already had. I feel like everyone has a handful of these Old Navy tanks hanging around. 

Skinnies were not in when I was pregnant with Henry. I ended up buying a few pairs on sale to feel stylish while I was pregnant with Wesley, but I also used this tutorial to change a pair of bootcut pants into skinnies.

So, there ya go! 3 ways to change up the clothes. I'd love to hear if you try one out!  

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