bybmg: Beauty in the Imperfections {Giveaway}

Beauty in the Imperfections {Giveaway}


One thing I really adore in the work I do with Toms Flags is the imperfections. It's amazing to look at the different ones that people give me. They remind me of myself, my flaws, life's flaws, differences.

 They vary in size - from the small, small ones that come with Tiny Toms to the large ones that come with some big men's Toms. 

Some of the come bearing scars from being creased while printing.

Many have grommets very inconveniently close to the edge. This caused me to swerve in my sewing or just cut them off all together.

Some are slightly stained or discolored.

Some roughly put together.

Imperfections - So often we see the photo-shopped, perfect images, people, blogs. 

What about the beauty in the imperfect? The scars we bear. The lessons we've learned. The unclean house. The craft that didn't turn out how Pinterest said it would. 

Will you join me in celebrating the imperfections today instead of letting them get you down?

To one lucky reader, I'd love to give you this wonderfully imperfect bag - the scar of printing, the un-centered Toms logo, the up cycled polka-dot chambray accent, to remind you to soak up the imperfections in life.

The giveaway closes Saturday at midnight. The winner will be selected on Sunday. Good Luck!

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