bybmg: Teacher Style: 5 Ways to Show School Spirit with Style

Teacher Style: 5 Ways to Show School Spirit with Style

 I'm a teacher, and at our school every Friday we can wear jeans as long as we show our school pride. This means 1/5 of my work week wardrobe needs to be purple and gold. Although I love a good t-shirt, I don't like looking frumpy. Below are five suggestions on how to display school colors while still feeling somewhat fashionable.

1. Buy solid colored tees that are your school colors. I rotate many solid purple tops.

2. Buy a cardigan in your school color. This can be worn as regular (non-casual) work wear, too. I own two purple and one mustard cardigan that fit the bill. (Awe, look at that belly!)

3. Buy jewelry that is your school's color. I grabbed this mustard yellow necklace for a great price off of Groop Dealz. I can pair it with my solid (or stripe :)) purple tops and I look purposefully spirited. 

4. Buy a few scarves in your school colors. You can see the chevron one above, this beauty right here, and the purple below.

5. Get a FUN top in your school colors. I actually wore this outfit this week. This top from Kiki La Rue and the scarf from Forever 21 make a well put together school spirit outfit. It's also not just for Fridays.

So, there are my tips. Hope you can take one or two and make them work for you!

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