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Trying out Five Minute Friday again with Lisa-Jo. This week's word MIGHTY really hit me.

I'm nervous. Russ and I went to a meeting last night about a Master's program. Positives are that its held within our school district mostly. It's at a reduced cost. We can take it together. Share books.

But it comes at a hard time. We have two littles, 4 & 1. It will mean time away from them. Babysitters. Late nights. Writing papers. Possibly more loans. We already have another house payment in student loans.

There's never a perfect time to further education. We could end up having another kiddo while we're in the program. But we need to do it. The long-term financial benefit will be best. The short 2.5 years will be LONGGGG but will zoom by in the rearview.

There's never an ideal time for anything. Having kids. Going to school. Its going to require some mighty strength on our part. Working together. But that's the best part. Together. We can do it.

Mighty. Children who will see us as mighty - always learning, reading, trying. Trying to do better for our family. Trying to do better for ourselves. Walking through this journey of life.

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