bybmg: Dear Amateur Blogger

Dear Amateur Blogger


Dear Amateur Blogger,

You're doing great. You write because it's fun, and that's how it should be. If it ever turns not fun, you need to take a step back and evaluate. You started this because it was enjoyable and you thought you had something to share with the world.

It's ok that you don't get many page views. Every eye that does read your work is an important one if it's one or 1,000. If one person ties their scarf a new way, is uplifted, or gets something free because of a post, you've made a difference.

Your pictures may not be perfect. Your tutorials may not look professional (It's DIY, hello?!). Don't worry about it. You're improving yourself slowly. 

You may not have any sponsorships. You may have been rejected from joining blogging networks.

You may never have post go viral. You may never get a bunch of followers. You may never have more than 10 comments on a blog post.

Keep trying. Keep posting. Keep smiling. 

Someone needs your words. What you write matters.

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