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Thrifty Finds


 I was able to hop over to our local Goodwill a couple times in the past month. I probably spent 1.5 hours there total between my two trips and came out with some great stuff!


These are wide-leg trousers from Gap. They're a jean material with pin stripes. They're somewhat railroad conductor-ish, but I like them. I think they'll be great to wear with tank tops this summer, too. They were a little over $3.

This makes the third pair of polka-dot pants that I own. This pair is Old Navy. I think they'll be great for spring, but transition into any season.  These were reduced because of their tag color, so they were only $1.29!

As I was reviewing old What I Wore Wednesday posts, I remembered I had some green maternity skinnies. I have wanted to add another colorful pair of pants to my closet, and these fit the bill. They're Old Navy, too. These were a little over $3.

I tried on these one time that I went, but I wasn't 100% sure about them. Jeans at our Goodwill run about $5.50, and though that's not a lot, it was more than I wanted to spend that day. They're Banana Republic skinnies. When I went back and they were the discounted tag color, $1.29, I gave in.

If you follow what I wear, you've already seen this. It's a tunic from Loft. I like the gathered detail on the left shoulder. It was $3.

I also discovered a great little website called Twice. It's where you can buy/sell used, name branb clothing. 

After my favorite pair of jeans ripped beyond repair, I have been searching for a good replacement. I really like Gap jeans, especially their Always Skinny and Legging jeans. I found a pair of Legging Jeans in my size for not too bad of a price ($17), so I picked them up. 

After ordering the jeans (via Twice's eBay site), they sent me a $10 code. PLUS they gave me a $10 credit for downloading their app. So, I combined those two, and bought this pretty little number shipped for $2.95! It is a Gap dress from 2009. It looks BRAND new and fits my like a glove. It even has pockets. Score! You'll see how it looks on my later this week in my What I Wore post because I couldn't wait to wear it.  I think it's the PERFECT little black dress.

All-in-all, a couple great trips to Goodwill, a great consignment website, and not much money spent. I have still been working to simplify. I haven't been strictly abiding by the one in two out idea, but I have made sure I sell or donate something each time I get a "new" item in my closet. 

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