bybmg: So, I work with my husband

So, I work with my husband

It's the week of Valentine's Day, so I thought I'd share a little bit about my hubby and me. 

Russ, and I are both teachers. We married after I graduated college, and right before I started my first teaching job. He'd graduated a year earlier than me from the same college with a Communications degree, but decided he wanted to teach. So, for our first two years of marriage, I worked, and he went back to school to get his degree.

Fast forward a few years, we both got jobs in the same school district but different schools. The benefits of the same schedule and some combined health insurance were wonderful. Then, a teaching position came open at his building. We probably had a five minute conversation about working together, knowing that this job was the perfect fit for me. I'd wanted to get out of the self-contained classroom and into an elective position. This was my chance!

And then I got the job.

Telling people about it was kind of an interesting experience.  Most people's first reaction was, "I could NEVER work with my husband/wife!" It just kind of took me back for a little bit and made me a little anxious that this change was going to harm our marriage in some way.

We're now more than half way through the school year, and there's never been a day where I would wish any different.  We don't teach in the same hallway, but will sometimes sneak over to say hello during passing time. We eat lunch together most days with our other coworkers. We sit by each other. We chat like normal. Still not sick of it.

One thing that is different is that there's not that big coming home reunion in the evening. There's not the, "Oh, I've missed you; let's catch up."  Russ came up with an idea the other day that we'd come home, set a timer for 10 minutes and do what we needed to do, then when the timer went off, we'd find each other and share a nice hug. We've been doing that when we remember, and it's great.

I work with my husband. I see him many times through out the day. It's good for us. It's great for us!

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