bybmg: One Year of What I Wore

One Year of What I Wore

I've been doing What I Wore Wednesday for a year now. It all began last year on this date! It was so fun to look back through my outfits and see how things have changed throughout the year. Here are some of my favorite outfits!

First of all, when I started documenting my outfits I was pregnant! Oh, some days I miss dressing my big belly!


Also, wow our bedroom is DARK! I'm glad I stopped taking pictures in there.

I long for warm weather. Those of you who don't experience a cold're lucky! Maybe I'll end up retiring someplace warm.

These mint skinnies were one of my best buys of the year. I got them on sale at Gap for under $20 and I wear them so often.

My hair! It has gotten so long. This year I've finally grown out my hair and liked it. I've grown it long before, but always ended up chopping it short because I couldn't get it to work. Thanks to a couple Youtube tutorials and a consistent hair stylist, I feel better about my hair than I have in a long time.

I've tried some new things and taken some risks. Mixing navy, gray, and camel boots is something I probably wouldn't not have done a while ago. Documenting my outfits has opened up my creativity in what I wear and made it fun.

Also, a big thank you to my dear husband for humoring me each morning as we're rushing out the door and I ask him to snap a couple pictures.

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