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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! If you're new here from the link up (High Five For Friday!), look to your right and connect with me via Instagram, Twitter, or something else!

1. THIS beautiful baby turned 4 today! It's hard to believe I've been a mom for 4 years! We had a family birthday party last weekend. Tonight we plan to celebrate with just our family doing whatever he wants to do!

2. I got my first Birchbox (referal link if you want to join) in the mail. I have been going back and forth about subscribing to Birchbox for a while, but I think I'll give it a whirl for a few months. I was happy that this box included mascara and fingernail polish!

3. Henry's Robot Kiwi Crate that he got for Christmas just keeps on giving! He was inspired by a robot in the booklet that came with the Crate to make this one. If you are interested in joining Kiwi Crate, use my referral link for $10 off your first Crate! 

4. Henry and I made pumpkin muffins one evening this week. I could seriously eat pumpkin all the time and nothing's better than baking with your boy!

5. Russ and I were somewhat twinsies in our outfit choices on Thursday. We work in the same building, so that makes it even a little more funny.

What were the highlights of your week?!

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