bybmg: High Five For Friday!

High Five For Friday!

It's Friday! Another week has passed. Hope yours was a great one. Here are some highlights from mine!

1. Click here and watch this boy's joy.  He learned how to clap and wow, he loves it!

2. Business in my Etsy shop has been picking up, which is a bit surprising for AFTER the holidays, but it's been fun! I'm taking custom orders for felt envelopes (only solid available right now, sorry!)

3. These are my favorite Valentine candy. Sugar-dusted cinnamon gummy hearts. I may have eaten the whole bag in one night. Oops! 

4. Henry had his first eye doctor visit this week. Buddy needs glasses. We had breakfast at Village Inn before his appointment, and it was so fun!

5. My boys. Cold weather and snow has returned, which I detest, but that just means more cuddle time on the couch!

How was your week?!

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