bybmg: Some Christmas Glimpses

Some Christmas Glimpses

Here are some glimpses from our Christmas!


We wanted to start some traditions - I think easy Papa Murphy's pizza may be our Christmas Eve meal. On Instagram, I learned we aren't the only ones who desire easy and tasty.

We were going to go to church on Christmas Eve, but we got back from Minnesota at 3:30. I still had to get groceries, and we all had colds. We realized out health and sanity were more valuable. So, we stayed home, ate pizza, read the Christmas story, and watched a movie.

It was cozy and just what we needed. In the future, I do want to go to church, but this year it wasn't in the books. 

We woke up on Christmas Day in our own beds for the first time in Russ and my 9 Christmases together. It was glorious, and I'm pretty sure we're going to make sure we keep doing it each year. Wesley wasn't too into gifts, but he waved some paper in the air and tried to eat it.

Henry was a whirlwind! He loved his presents and was content to play with them most of the day.

Russ's Grandpa Bill, who passed away this year, is famous for his crepes. Russ carries on the tradition well. We had strawberry and banana crepes with whipped cream.

Henry put on his own cinnamon sugar, as you can see by the dusting on his plate, but he ate almost the whole thing!

On the 26th, we headed to my parents' farm. Wesley was excited for another celebration!

We put a lot of miles on the SUV over break. Russ was an awesome driver. I was awesome at playing Candy Crush and tending to the boys. 

I got the Conair Curl Secret as gift from my parents. his is a pic of the first time I used it by myself. Woah curls! I think I may tone down the settings next time.

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