bybmg: Thirfty Finds - the most amazing find yet!

Thirfty Finds - the most amazing find yet!

I was talking on the phone with my mom the other day about how I wanted to go to Goodwill. I'm a thrift shop girl. You've probably been able to tell that from my outfit posts. If it's not thrifted, it's from Gap (sale rack), Old Navy (online shopping), or Target (mommy vacation). I joked with mom that Goodwill had been calling my name - I  was hoping to replace a pair of jeans.

One pair of my skinny jeans had torn a belt loop and were just getting a little baggy. I have a couple of pairs of pants from Gap (all on clearance - I can't afford to buy normally priced stuff there). I LOVE the mint green Always Skinny pants that I have from there. I was just about to break down and buy a pair of Always Skinny jeans online ($70 , but I'd use with a discount and rewards from my Gap card, they would have been about $30). I was perusing the jean rack and Goodwill and about fainted! TWO pairs (one black and one blue) of Always Skinny jeans IN MY SIZE! Yep! I got two pairs for $11. This is why I thrift shop.

Besides those pairs, I found six tops.

Forever 21 navy top with flower detail (below)

Forever 21 top - love the color - hopefully it will look good until a cardigan

 Loft sequin top

Gap navy striped top

Eddie Bauer cute, casual 3/4 sleeve sweatshirt 

Gap black sweater with button detail on one side

I also had a 20% off a Goodwill purchase of $20 or more, so I got the whole stash in this post for $24. A-mazing!

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