bybmg: Thankfulness #12 - coupons and deal

Thankfulness #12 - coupons and deal

Thankfulness #12


coupons and deals

I've always been a sale shopper. Just ask my mom. She could send me shopping with $20, and I'd come back with a whole new outfit. This has transferred into my adult life. Our first two years of marraige, we were living on just my teacher's salary while Russ finished school. Now we're both teaching, but we have kiddos, student loans, a mortgage, and more. It adds up. I'm not all "extreme couponing." I don't buy stuff we don't need (for the most part;)). It feels good to get things we need, and save money for our family. 

I follow a couple blogs that help me out with this:

still being [molly]

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