bybmg: Thankfulness #10 - my village

Thankfulness #10 - my village

Thankfulness #10

 my village (that helps me raise these beautiful babies)

I read a post the other day called 10 True Things About the First Year of Parenthood. #8 really hit me.

"The most important thing to get for your baby is not a Rock n' Play, nor a good set of swaddling blankets, nor a high-end stroller. The most important thing to get for your baby is a village. Your village will keep you afloat."


I'm thankful for all of those friends online and in person who have kept me afloat the past 3.5 years (and before that) we've been on this parenting journey. The people who brought food. Gifts. The people who gave advice (solicited or not, I still appreciate it. It means you care.). The people who have cared for our kids to give us a break. Friends who have cared for and understood me as a mom. As a person who struggles to keep her priorities in order. Thank you to all of you have lifted me up. I could make a list, but I would forget someone. You know who you are. Thank you.

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