bybmg: Thankfulness #1 - my husband

Thankfulness #1 - my husband

I know it's always good to be thankful, and I am year-round, but this November, I'm going to do a series of thankfulness posts. I'd like to say I'll do one every day, but I can't guarantee that...but I will try, so here goes....

Thankfulness #1

my husband

I'm thankful for how he's a hands-on dad. He's not afraid to change a diaper. He's taken Henry on many solo expeditions (and Wesley, too!). He does sweet acts of kindness for me. He always notices what I'm into and up to. He is a thoughtful gift giver. He is an amazing teacher. He is creative. He pushes me to try new things (even though I often resist, he still keeps at it). He cares. He loves. He's not afraid to be silly and chase Henry around a store. He's affectionate. Love you, Russell!

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