bybmg: Carving, Corn, and Costumes

Carving, Corn, and Costumes

We dug in to carving the pumpkins this week. I still have ambitions to do something fun with the white one, so it won't be carved.


I still haven't bought one of those sweet little pumpkin carving kits, so we hacked away at the pumpkins with a steak knife. It worked.

Henry requested a ghost.

He also requested diamond eyes on this guy. He drew 2/3 of the teeth.


Saturday we went for a tractor/trailer/hayride with my family. It was a beautiful day.

These boys are a hoot!

We stopped in the field and found quite a bit of corn that didn't make it into the combine.


Sunday my parents came to take care of the boys while we had a membership class at church. Then, our church had Trunk or Treat, so they came with us to that.

When we got home, it was a great opportunity and lighting for pictures.

I love these boys!

We tried to get Wes to look at us. The neighbors probably thought we were calling a dog with all the "Wesley! Look here!!" we were saying, but none of it worked. He was too enamored by the grass.

My friend, Kristen, made Henry a web to sling. To say he liked it is an understatement.

Then, we tried to take a few pics of me with the boys. Wes was hungry. Henry was a champ. And, this is real life. :)

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