bybmg: Wesley's Baptism

Wesley's Baptism

Wesley was baptized Sunday. We had tons of family in town, and it was a blast!

Russ's grandfather passed away in February, and Grandpa Bill was known for his crepe recipe. Russ has carried on the crepe tradition, so crepes were the main menu item for the brunch we hosted after church.

Russ came up with four different suggestions for crepe filling combos including frozen chocolate covered bananas. "The Becky" is in tribute to my love of Hawiian pizza. 

I made cupcakes, of course, and make a cross cupcake cake. Russ got me chevron cupcake liners for Mother's Day, and so I matched the teal on some of them with the frosting.

My mom made Wesley's outfit. I love the little vest on it! I made the little chevron shoes.

All four of Wesley's Great Grandmas were able to be there. What a blessed day it was!

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