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Pinteresting - Strapless Maxi Dress Tutorial

I want to post occasionally on Pinterest tutorials that I find and try, so here's the first one. Enjoy!

My mom called the other day while she was at the fabric store. They had some fabric 80% off, and she asked if there was anything I needed wanted. I told her if they had any fun knit, I'd love to make a skirt for the summer.

She found this chevron/zig zag. I LOVE it. She got a little more than I'd need for a skirt. I LOVE dresses, but I'd resorted to the fact that I won't be wearing may this summer because I'm nursing. I actually packed most of them away, and just kept out a few that are nursing friendly. I stumbled across this easy tutorial on Pinterest just a day after my mom mailed me the fabric. I knew that I had enough fabric and went to work!

Here's the finished product. (Pardon the poor picture and my messy hair - it's been gloomy and chilly outside, so I haven't had a chance to take a better picture.) It was super easy! The new part for me was making a casing inside for the elastic below my bust, but it wasn't difficult. Seriously, even if you're new to sewing, you can totally do this! I'd love to see what you come up with.

This tutorial is one of many I had pinned to my Summer Checklist board - a place I've put things I actually want to accomplish this summer - somewhat of a short list of the thousands of pins I've pinned. I also have a board for tutorials and ideas I have used. I hope to blog about some of those in the future!

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