bybmg: Mod Podge + Printstagram = Fun Canvas

Mod Podge + Printstagram = Fun Canvas


For Christmas, Russ got me this awesome page-a-day calendar compiling both of our Instagram accounts from Printstagram. I keep it on my desk at school and definitely don't throw a single page away! I keep all the photos of past days in a box, and the other day I had time to go through and pick out some of my favorites.

I had a couple random canvases laying around the house, so I put the Mod Podge to work again! I trimmed off the dates from the photos and arranged them on the canvas. Then I put a couple layers of Mod Podge over them. I ended up with a great piece of art for our bedroom!

The wall looks pretty bare right now, but I'm sure I will create some more things to add to it this summer.

I also made a smaller version for Henry's room. It looks fun next to the Oh Henry art his Great Aunt Karen got him.I know I probably need to stop with the Mod Podge and canvas, but I just can't get enough right now!

I thought I'd also sneak in a couple shots of the art I made 2 summers ago for above our bed. Henry had to get into the picture, too. :) These trees were in inspiration for my tattoo.  I'll share my tattoo with you another day!  Have a great week!

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