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Etsy Love

Handmade goods have a big place in my heart. I admit I'm not the best at shopping for them because I'm often a last minute shopper, but I love to peruse Etsy and dream of what I would buy if I had endless funds.

Here are some things I'm loving lately.

These are adorable and pretty reasonable!  I'm sure I could make them, but that would involve me buying a lot of fabric.

If you don't have a perpetual calendar, I would recommend getting one. I have one from a while back and it's wonderful to keep track of birthdays. I'm not the best at always looking ahead on my Google Calendar.

You know I love me some chevron! These are adorable! Don't be surprised if you see these on Wesley's little toes in the fall.

If you know me, you know I love giraffes, but I didn't want to make ALL my children have everything giraffe. So with Wesley, we've tried to buy him some other animal items...mostly elephant. I love this little hat!

I bought a few sets of these from this shop 4+ years ago.  I STILL use them!

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